How Drinking More Water Can Help You Lose Weight

How Drinking More Water Can Help You Lose Weight 1

You may have already tried hundreds of diets and tricks to help you get rid of those few extra pounds that you’re carrying around. They may make you feel embarrassed or you may want to get rid of them so you can fit into that dress you have had your eye on for the past few months or you may just want to lose some weight so you can perform better on the field. Throw out all of the complicated products, the simple solution is staring you in the face: water.

Step1: Drink cold water

The body needs to maintain a certain temperature for its optimum functionality. To regulate temperature, the body burns calories to produce heat. Keeping this fact in mind, if one drinks cold water regularly he would burn calories in the process and eventually lose weight. This is a great way to kick things off in your attempt to lose weight. The next time you go to buy water make sure you pick up the coolest bottle and with time watch the pounds melt off.

Step 2: Drink water before meals

Following this suggestion will help you achieve your goal in two manners. First of all, the amount of water that you consume before you sit down to eat will ensure that a certain portion of your stomach is already filled and as a result you will not eat as much. Thus you would be cutting down on your calorie intake while still feeling full.

The second part is beneficial due to the way the digestive system works. The presence of water helps the fatty acids dissolve easier in the blood stream and we will not have fatty deposits that are the major source of fat gain.

Step 3: Drink water to help detoxify and improve the lymphatic system

The lymphatic system facilitates the transport of various fluids in the body and are responsible for the transport of the fatty acids from the digestive system. Allowing a higher water percentage in the blood ensures a smoother transfer of these fatty acids and a better excrement procedure. This leads to a higher metabolism which is achieved through burning of calories as well.

The three steps described above are extremely straightforward and can be easily accomplished. Before long you will see results and enjoy a healthier lifestyle than you have ever done before.

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